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Eating and other challenges

I’ve been thinking about blogging about our food recovery for some time. I didn’t really know where to start with that, but thinking about it certainly isn’t getting it done.  So, here’s to digging in! I’ve made separate categories to the side for easy subject access.  I’ll share about companies that are friendly and helpful, and I might warn you of those that aren’t (in ways of suggesting you might call them and ask them to be).  Mostly, this is a food blog to help and encourage–to let you know if you are struggling, I’m there too.

If you live in a household with a food allergy/sensitivity, then you know what a challenge that can be.  Food isn’t something we can avoid altogether–we need it.   And when you have people in the house that DON’T have that particular allergy, then you know you can’t be exclusive with food.  There has to be a safety zone, there has to be compromise.

My son has Celiac disease which means he can’t eat gluten.  Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barely and spelt.  It can also be found in oats due to shared machinery during milling.  And it’s in places you would never guess like soaps, lotions, and even some pop.  He  is also allergic to eggs and all dairy products.  When he ingests any of these food items, he experiences intestinal bleeding.   I struggle with similar foods as he does, as does my daughter (although she can eat gluten).  My husband has it narrowed down to squashes and seafood.

We all have our challenges.  We’ve all had to grieve our losses on different levels.  For some of us, the kids primarily, it’s harder than others.  Much harder.  We don’t live in a ‘safe’ world for food allergies.  We’ve had to give up eating out–restaurants are NOT safe unless they are an entirely gluten free/diary free/egg free dedicated kitchen (and we haven’t found one that is yet).   So life takes much more planning than it used to.  We can’t just pop over to a friend’s house without packing safe snacks, or bringing our own meals.

So, over time, I’ll add to this category.  I’ll post about discoveries I’ve made, so that maybe, if you are in a challenge like ours, you can learn from us too.

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