April McGowan


Macy Cover Web

Macy longed for independence her whole life. Maybe marrying
Arthur to escape her home hadn’t been the best plan, but it seemed
good enough at the time. Now, pregnant and abandoned in a diner
far from anyone she knows, Macy must start life all over again.

Relying on the mercy of the diner’s owners, she begins to put things
back together. Macy must make her own decisions for the first time
in her adult life—but it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And with the
too-alluring Toby at her side instead of her husband,
she’s discovering those decisions harder to make than ever.

All too soon the illusion of freedom comes crashing down when she
realizes her family back home might lose everything if she doesn’t
return. She’d married Arthur to get away from those responsibilities,
so how can she face ending up where she started?

With her grandmother’s lessons on faith coming to mind again for
the first time in years, Macy has to learn what freedom really is…and
which road will lead her to where she ought to have been all along.

Out June 2014 from WhiteFire Publishing

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