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Mom’s Relaxation Kit Giveaway

Happy December! If you’re like me, December, although full of excitement and expectation, can be equally full of over-commitment and weariness. Just in time for the season, my friend Danika Cooley has teamed up with the Proverbial Homemaker to do a huge giveaway of books, adult coloring books, and essential oils. My novels Macy and Jasmine are part of that giveaway!

Be sure to pop over there for their Mom’s Relaxation Kit Giveaway and enter to win! Click HERE



Christmas time can be a hectic season, can’t it? There’s much to do, and so many little people to bless. My friends know sometimes that means moms go without. They want to honor a mom this Christmas with a fun giveaway.

You won’t believe the wonderful package of relaxation gifts they have assembled for their winner. Be sure to check out each special element–you may even find a little Christmas gift here to bless another hard working mama!

Are you having trouble getting into the holiday spirit? I’ve found that with my illness, that can be tricky. In fact, this year, I’m feeling rather lackluster. Normally I’d have Christmas lights up and music blaring–but this year it feels like lots of effort! I think that’s because I’m coming off of a months long infection. All my energies are taken up with that! However, yesterday I came home to my children having set up the tree. So, even though it’s not decorated yet, there’s a white-lights-blazing reminder in my living room of what will come.

The lovely thing about Christmas, though, isn’t just what will come–it is who has already come. Amidst the “Jesus is the Reason” posts on social media we all start looking past, there is this singular truth that even the most skeptical of studious historians believe: He did come. As a Christian, I also believe He is here (in form of the Holy Spirit) and He will bodily return one day. So while I might not be excited for presents and decor, I AM excited about that. I’m always excited about that, actually!

So, what are some things that get you in the mood for the holidays? Leave me comments below! And don’t forget to go enter that amazing giveaway!

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