April McGowan

Snow and the Jack-Man

Yesterday, much to the weatherman’s chagrin, it snowed. Here in Portland, this isn’t a common occurrence–maybe one or two days a year (although last year we had snow for a week). As it doesn’t snow often, our weather folks really don’t know how to predict it well. And yesterday took everyone by surprise. The kids were happy–snow day. Yep, even homeschooled kids get snow days!  But, our cat, Jack, enjoyed it too. He watched the snow come down with intense interest. He did this last year as well, waiting by the back door, watching the kids play, chatting to the snow and meowing at it. When we bring him some, he buries his nose in it and laps at it. He LOVES water, and snow offers him a new form of fun.   Our other cat, however, thinks we are NUTS to go outside in that cold stuff, let alone bring it IN the house.  Normally, Jack is very OCD and dislikes change–but snow is the exception.  It reminds me that even with my schedule and set ways (I am also slow to change) that facing unexpected circumstances not only with acceptance but gusto is the right way to go–rather than the alternative of setting my jaw and being unhappy about the bumps in the road.  Sometimes those bumps can be for our own enjoyment if we let them!

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